15 Days to Unbreakable Purity FREE Course

I’ve seen a great response to my course helping Catholic men conquer pornography addiction.

They have inspired me with their words and stories and their commitment to growing in purity and becoming men of great virtue.

Springboard to Purity

Some men though are daunted by the fact that the course costs money, so I’ve created a second course for Catholic men that is free and gives them the first 15 days action plan toward unbreakable purity.

One lesson for each day. One action to take each day. Step-by-step to chastity. To freedom from slavery to sin.

Here’s the title of each day in the course:

  1. Resolve
  2. Ditch it
  3. Filter
  4. Accountability
  5. Fellowship
  6. Self-mastery
  7. Confess
  8. Mass
  9. Adoration
  10. Service
  11. Pray
  12. Fast
  13. Inform
  14. Triggers
  15. Power Prayers

Power Prayers

And here is the Day 15 part of the course on power prayers:

When a temptation first presents itself, a good way to respond is to memorize and recite a power prayer.

A power prayer is one that you have down by heart, is short, and is specifically formulated to be helpful to you when tempted.

CPJpegv8smallestI use: “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, assist me!”

And also: “Lord, I pray for the grace to respect and protect all your daughters.”

Or, “Lord, I praise you for the beauty of all your daughters, including this one, but especially for the beauty of my wife.”

When evil thoughts arise: “I reject these evils thoughts utterly.”

One of my favorites: “I desire to give myself to my wife alone.”

When I see a scantily clad woman that I’m attracted to and feel a temptation to lust coming on, I say one of these prayers.

Come up with a few power prayers and start reciting them when tempted.

You may need to try out several. Or, some may work for a time but then you need to mix things up and use new ones.

These prayers are not magical. If they don’t work sometimes, that is okay. It is one more tool in your toolbox. One more way that you call to mind the truth of God and how we made us.

Eventually, lust loses its luster.

I can tell you from experience that, after practicing these things for years, and learning about the theology of the body, when I did fall to temptation, it was not as satisfying as it once was.

In fact, it became so banal and trite. So fleeting, and then made me feel so sick that I wondered why I was falling for this sham that fell far short of real love.

I didn’t conjure up those feelings of dreariness with lust. God led me to it when the time was right. And He will for you too, as you continue fighting to grow strong in purity.

Do not give up! He is with you.

“It is necessary to be strong, in order to become great; that is our duty. Life is a struggle, which we cannot avoid. We must triumph!”
– St. Padre Pio

Start Today

Men who go through the complete 15 Days will receive a coupon discount off the main course as well.

Begin today my brothers to conquering pornography addiction!

The Blood of the Martyrs Is the Seed of the Church

I just read Cardinal Donald Wuerl’s new book To the Martyrs: A Reflection on the Supreme Christian Witness and give it my strong recommendation.

Cardinal Wuerl starts from the beginning of the Church and explores the martyrdoms that Catholics have endured down through our time.

Martyrs in Every Age

Tertullian said that “the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.” Cardinal Wuerl demonstrates the truth of that statement as he looks at the first martyrs in the early Church, including the Apostles, and how the Church grew from their witness.

tomartyrsHe moves forward in time to the various Roman persecutions, telling the story of what it was like to be a Christian during those times, how the Church grew from a tiny, insignificant thing into a powerful social, economic, and moral force in the Roman empire.

The Cardinal then heads into the 600s and did not hold back from describing the rise of Islam and its immediate persecution of Chrisitans:

Muhammad was astonishingly successful. He took many towns and oases, and he absorbed many tribes, sometimes through battles, but sometimes without any resistance at all. The key to many victories was the ferocity of Muhammad’s warriors, who had no fear of death. Indeed, they seemed to welcome it, as Muhammad had applied a traditional honorific term to his warriors who died in battle. It was a Christian term, martyr (shahid in Arabic), and it acquired a new meaning in the emerging religion known as Islam, whose followers were known as Muslims.

There is a key difference, however. The Christian martyrs laid down their own lives, but took no one else’s. The Arab warriors took many lives, including those of many Christians and Jews.

In the next chapter he jumps ahead to the Protestant Reformation and focuses on King Henry VIII. I was pleased to see here that he called out King Henry’s brutality, lust, and the grievous devastation he brought upon the Church, including countless martyrs, with Sts. Thomas More and John Fisher being the most well-known.

The Reformation paved the way for the Enlightenment, and Cardinal Wuerl describes the slaughter of Catholics during that time, including holy nuns and priests who brought the mobs to silence with their solemn, joyful witness to Christ even as they were being executed.

He then heads into the twentieth century–where more martyrs were made than in all the centuries prior–and discusses the reality of the Armenian Genocide by Islamic Turkey, the Mexican persecution and Cristero War, the Soviet Union, the Spanish Civil War, Nazi Germany, and Communist China.

But the blood shed has produced fruit already. For instance, in China:

In 1949 there were only one million Christians. Forty years of anti-religious communist rule produced some 1.2 million martyrs. The result: explosive church growth to today’s 90 million believers.”

Martyrdom Today

Cardinal Wuerl brings the reader up to the present day, and discusses the martyrdom in our age, where Islamists like ISIS make martyrs right before our eyes and upload the videos to YouTube.

And in our own country, persecution is rising. Anti-Catholicism is the last acceptable prejudice here. To think that it can’t grow into something far worse ignores history, as Cardinal Wuerl points out:

And no land is safe from a sudden resurgence of persecution. Think about the bloodiest purges of the last century. Where did they take place? Catholic Spain. Orthodox Russia. Christian Germany. Christian Armenia. They began with small encroachments that grew greater over time.

To say “it can’t happen here” is to speak from profound naiveté and ignorance of history.

In January 2012, Pope Benedict XVI warned the United States bishops of a “radical secularism which finds increasing expression in the political and cultural spheres” in our land.

To conclude the book, Wuerl connects martyrdom–witness–with Jesus in the Eucharist:

As the Eucharist is a re-presentation of Jesus’ Passion, so is martyrdom. As the Eucharist is a voluntary self-offering, so is martyrdom. As the Eucharist brings about communion, so does the act of martyrdom. As the Eucharist is given so that others might live, so are the lives of the martyrs.

Having not read any books by Cardinal Wuerl before, I didn’t know what to expect, but I was impressed by this book. It was an excellent survey of Church history and how men and women gave their lives for Christ. They didn’t go looking for death, but when it came for them, they were ready. May we be so as well!

So go check out To the Martyrs and grow strong through the example and prayers of these great saints!

Lust vs. Courtship: The Story of a Picture

It was 2005, and I was ready to throw in the towel.

I was searching for the woman God had chosen to be my future wife, but so far hadn’t found her. I had looked high and low, and had even been on both Catholic Match and Ave Maria for over four years without meeting her.

Why was God taking so long to bring us together?

Would I ever find her?

I had prayed so many novenas to St. Joseph, among other saints, that I began to wonder whether any of it helped. The devotions, the Rosaries, the adoration hours, the daily Masses.

Heck, I even secretly wore the Cord of St. Joseph, that no one I knew had even heard of. Anything and everything to find my future wife…and to conquer the compulsion I had felt for years and years to lust and pornogrpahy.

A Hail Mary to St. Joseph

My mom had bought me a big statue of St. Joseph holding the child Jesus that was made in Guatemala. Somewhere I heard about a special challenge to make to St. Joseph where you wrote out a prayer with a specific intention and then attached it or placed it under a statue or icon of St. Joseph.

So I did that, requesting that St. Joseph obtain for me the grace of finding my future wife within the next year.

I wrote out the note, and taped it to the statue, and each day I prayed that God would answer the prayer through St. Joseph’s intercession.

A few months went on, and I met someone virtually through Ave Maria and Catholic Match. Her name was Katie, and she is now my wife, but at that time, we hadn’t even met in person.

She sent me a picture of herself with a few members of her extended family, and I placed it next to the statue as well:


Katie is the lady on the left, standing with her brother-in-law and his wife and child. You see in that picture the note with the prayer written on it, taped to St. Joseph’s statue. (By the way, Katie wants to say that she now wears clothes that covers her shoulders.)

A Long War Against Lust

By this time, I had been working for years to overcome pornography addiction. Though it was often three steps forward, two steps back, I was starting to have real hope that I could conquer this vice.

Meeting Katie provided even more motivation for me to grow strong in chastity. Now I knew that there was a decent chance I had met my future wife; she was real, concrete, and any sins against purity I committed would, in a sense, be against her as well as God.

I started to see that those Rosaries, adoration hours, devotions, sacramentals, Confessions, theology of the body studies, and daily Masses were all instrumental in winning me victory over sin, as well as in me finding Katie.

Nothing is wasted or lost with God. He will use everything to bring about His will.

Under the Reign

Katie and I got engaged, then married. We moved into our home together, and I found the statue of St. Joseph with the note attached. The date on note was in November of that year, the same year that we married.

St. Joseph had come through.

God taught me many lessons along the way to finding my wife and also growing in chastity. But the one that most stuck with me is: Avail yourself of every means that God and His Church give you to grow in holiness, and persevere in them.

Ten years passed, and for months I had been feeling a nudge to help other Catholic men conquer pornography compulsion. Truth be told, after I overcame that vice, I tried to put it all out of my mind. But it kept coming back.

I finally determined that it was something God may be calling me to do, so I created a video course to help men conquer pornography addiction.

catholicknightsidebarThis course takes the approach to “throw the kitchen sink” at lust. I give you every single weapon that I found or that friends of mine found that helped us conquer pornography.

I didn’t know what to expect, so I put the course out there a month ago, and to my surprise over thirty men signed up. I emailed each of them personally to thank them and offer my ongoing support and encouragement. Every man who signs up I am committed to personally helping in whatever way they need. Also, I am adding to the course every week with new materials, downloadables, guides, and even a bootcamp.

Let’s raise up a new generation of men free to love, free to give themselves in sacrificial love for their families and for others.

If you are struggling with purity, take the next step and find out about all the weapons at your disposal to be set free by God. The feeling of being free from slavery to sin is inexpressibly wonderful, and Christ wants that for each of us.