More Christianity with Fr. Dwight

podcastA while back I was on Fr. Dwight Longenecker’s radio show, interviewing me specifically about my conversion from atheism and the atheist mindset.

It was enjoyable and fast-paced–Fr. Dwight doesn’t mince words!–and his accent is the best, though he claims he has no British accent.

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5 Responses to More Christianity with Fr. Dwight

  1. Looking forward to listening, Devin. (when I get home form work)

    An interesting aside (though) is that British people spoke much as we Americans speak, accent wise, during the time of the Revolutionary War. Their accent has evolved into what it is today (basically). Not the other way around. This according to British historian, Dr. Paul Johnson.

  2. Maria Choi says:

    Catholic Agrarianism? You might be interested in this article I saw in the San Jose Mercury News last night about growing crops in hay bales.

    ps – Fr. Dwight doesn’t sound British to me at all. Perhaps he’s from California like me?