Trent Horn Answers Atheism

answeraI just finished Trent Horn’s new book, Answering Atheism. The bottom line? It’s my new go-to book to recommend to friends wanting to understand how to make arguments for God and against atheism.

Trent does a superb job of covering all the most popular and important arguments that come up when debating with atheists. He discusses the problem of suffering, the Kalam cosmological argument, fine-tuning, and arguments surrounding moral truths, just to name a few of the big ones. He balances breadth and depth perfectly, explaining the basics of each argument, the counter arguments from each side, and the final analysis.

Most importantly, Trent keeps a respectful, irenic tone throughout the book. None of the hubris and disdain that the new atheist leaders so often portray (and which some Christians have thrown back at them in tit-for-tat fashion). His excellent attitude lends weight to the encouragement he gives to readers to maintain such a positive tone themselves when talking with atheists.

My old go-to book was Dr. Edward Feser’s The Last Superstition. That is a good book, and Trent even mentions Feser and his good work, but Feser’s book is dense. It goes into much more depth about philosophy–too much for the average reader–and his tone is dismissive right back in the faces of the atheists. I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing and have read Feser’s defense of his book’s style, but Trent’s book is a nice counter-balance to Feser’s, and much more accessible.

Trent added a sizable appendix to the book to talk about the deeper philosophical arguments, including the Kalam cosmological one and Aquinas’ so-called “five ways.” Interested readers will also find the copious end notes helpful, which include hundreds of books, talks, and websites for more learning.

Overall, I was impressed by Answering Atheism and learned a ton. Even though I converted from atheism, I have never felt a particular call to do apologetics with atheists, so I am not an expert in the arguments. This book was of great help!

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  1. Thanks Devin – this was on my radar, but your review seals the deal.

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