Books, Cows, and Fodder Oh My!

Son and I working with the cows

Son and I working with the cows


A brief update on life. The Protestant’s Dilemma, published by Catholic Answers, has been sent to the printer and will be coming out near the end of this month or the first of March! It’s been a long-time coming, and I eagerly await its release. Much more on the book to follow in a month or so when it is available.


A week ago, we bought four more cows for our farm. But then one of them died a few days ago. So we currently have six cows with one on the way soon. I didn’t grow up as a farmer or rancher, so the learning curve has been steep. I’m still getting all my infrastructure in place to manage the cows, which makes it even more challenging.

But the good news is that the rotational grazing system is working wonderfully. I move the cows to fresh grass every few days, feed hay as needed, all is well. Our goal is to raise grass-fed beef for ourselves and for friends.

I also built a fodder system to raise super-nutritious supplemental feed for the cows. You put seeds in trays, soak them in water a few times per day so that they sprout, and then at day seven of their growth you feed them to the animals. Ours is setup to produce about thirty-five pounds per day. We are sprouting barley seeds right now but you can also do wheat and other grains/grasses/legumes.

Our farm truck broke down with a kaput engine on the way to get the cows. Bad news. So I’ve been trying to figure out how I can buy a decent used engine at a salvage yard and replace the defunct engine. This is all new to me, but we’ve met some great friends who are very helpful and knowledgeable. Several have gone out of their way to help us, seeing that I don’t really know what I’m doing with the farming stuff. Three cheers for helpful country folk!

I can haz cheezburger?

I can haz cheezburger?

Software Work

I rarely write about it publicly, but many of you know that I make my living, not off the farm or writing about Catholic topics, but from software development. I’ve worked at the same company for thirteen years, and recently I changed my development methodology, which has breathed some fresh air into what can otherwise become a hum-drum routine of programming.

Life Full Throttle

So life is running full throttle. We are putting down roots here in central Texas, and it feels great. I’m excited about the new book coming, about our farm, about the abundant life our Lord has given us. Oh yes, one other thing: in about a month, God willing, I’ll be on The Journey Home with Marcus Grodi! Blessings to y’all.

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9 Responses to Books, Cows, and Fodder Oh My!

  1. Karen Salstrom says:

    So happy to hear of all your success, Devin. Look forward to posts as all come to fruition.

  2. Robert Graham says:

    Hi Devin-
    Super exciting on all accounts!

    Being a fellow .NET Developer, would you be willing to share what you mean by “recently I changed my development methodology, which has breathed some fresh air into what can otherwise become a hum-drum routine of programming.”

    Grace and Peace to you and yours!

    • Devin Rose says:

      Thanks Robert. Yes, I am starting to do software development using Test Driven Development (TDD), aka Test First, which includes unit testing but much more. You have probably heard of it before or do it yourself already. I have known about it but resisted it for a long time.

      God bless!

      • Robert Graham says:

        Yes, TDD is the way to go! Once you get used to it, you will wish you had done it before. Do you have a subscription to Pluralsight? There are great courses on there that help you greatly in all areas, and even TDD.

        • Devin Rose says:

          I’m glad that you have seen the TDD light, too. I get Pluralsight stuff but haven’t done any courses.

          For a long time, I thought I was “smart enough” and good enough at programming not to have to do TDD. I realize now though that it’s not true. Thanks for chatting with me about this; only people at work ever get these topics!

  3. Cari says:

    Love hearing about your ranching!!! I greatly miss that kind of stuff…
    God bless you and your cows, as you bless your family and friends <3

  4. Dear Devin,

    It’s great to hear an update about the farm and cows. I was about to e-mail you to ask how it was going, but this post gives me my fix!

    Peace in Christ,
    Tom B.

  5. Augustine says:

    I always thought that you were Journey Home material. I’m sure that having the publishing and marketing resources from Catholic Answers clinched a belated interview by Mrcus Grodi.