I Will Help You Conquer Lust and Pornography Addiction

Jesus told us truth.

But most people don’t listen to it.

Jesus gave us the solution. But most don’t follow His words: they choose to live their own way, on their own terms, self-made men.

The Easy Way and the Hard Way

I’m an expert on only a few topics. But on those topics I can speak with authority.

crusAt times someone will ask me about about what they should do on one of these topics. I tell them. But instead of nodding their head and considering the solution I give them, they speak a bunch of dithering and confused words.

I tell them again and explain that I’ve done the exact thing they are talking about, researched it, hit my head against the wall, before finally coming to a good answer. They can either listen to me and follow the straight path to their goal, or they can not listen and go sideways and get lost for months.

Sometimes people have to get lost themselves. They have to kick against the goads. I get that, and it’s okay.

But it is far wiser to learn from someone who speaks the truth. Learn from Jesus and His Church. Learn from people who reliably proclaim what Christ and His Church teach.

Lust, Sexual Addiction, Pornography

These evils plague men in our society, including Catholics.

Want to find someone who struggles with pornography addiction? Throw a rock in the air, and you’ll hit one.

It’s an evil in plain sight. Men are walking wounded. It’s a grave sin that for many is mortal.

But men have to grow to hate the vice so much that they are disgusted by it. They have to follow the narrow path that Christ has forged and work and try and do and get up and not quit.

This is hard work. The sin has worn a deep wheel rut in the dirt road of our souls. It takes a tremendous amount of effort and graces to form the opposite virtue.

No amount of chastity talks or articles will help if the man isn’t ready to take action himself.

No amount of production values and music will help if the man isn’t ready to fight, and to continue fighting no matter how many times he falls.

Take One Step, Or Three

I boiled down the actions for a man to conquer pornography in this short course.

Included in it is a checklist of all the items I discuss, which you can get for free right here and now.

swor1The checklist is there for free to any man who is ready to stop lusting after women. The video course is $9 for any man who wants the extra help that comes from me sharing my experience and the experience of other men in overcoming this vice.

Every man who buys the course I am personally emailing to tell them they can ask me for help anytime. I’m willing to work with each of them.

I shot this video course myself, in my own home, in one day. I minimally edited the video with free software. It has modest production values and no music. It is as short as I could make it. I don’t repeat myself in it.

I’ve gotten good feedback that having a more professional looking video would help reach more people. I agree that that’s true, and in the next few months I’m considering hiring my friend, a professional videographer for a big sports network, to shoot and produce the videos. Probably will cost $1,500.

But I’m here to tell you that nicer looking videos won’t help you conquer pornography. The content will be the same. Because the solution, the cure, is the same and is unchanged. Men who are ready to finally stop this evil in their life will take the course as-is.

Matt Fradd just wrote a short post saying that chastity is hard, man up. He’s right, and he has seen enough men struggle with lust that he knows that coddling and wish-washiness won’t work.

Only when you’re fed up with it will you take action. And when you are fed up, you won’t care whether the videos are professionally done or not. You don’t need professional videos to become a saint. You need only to receive God’s grace and act on it.

But It Costs Money

I am charging $9 for the course. To get rich? Hardly.

Research by people who do courses has shown that when people pay money for a course, they are much more likely to complete it.

That’s hardly rocket science; we all know it to be true. When we get something for free, we value it less.

So I am charging a nominal amount for the course so that I know the men who take it will follow through with it. It is a filter for those not really ready. If you’re not ready, by all means continue going along as you have been, but when you are ready, you will be willing to shell out a few dollars.

Take this step, and begin your road to freedom from the slavery of sin. You will then be free indeed, the master of yourself, rather than being mastered by your passions and desires.

God is with you to overcome this vice. The Holy Spirit is working within you. Have courage and be confident in God’s gracious help.

Jesus tells us the truth. Let’s listen to Him! If we follow His way, we will be fulfilled. If we do things our own way, we will be miserable. It’s that simple.

Conquer Pornography Addiction

Catholic men, you can conquer pornography addiction.

But you need God’s grace.

And you need help from many other sources.


I became addicted to pornography in my teen years, and the vice put down deep roots in me. I knew deep down it was wrong, but as the years passed my conscience became more and more dulled to it.

catholicknightsidebarGod led me to salvation in Christ, and I became a Christian. I was baptized in a Southern Baptist Church and met solid Baptist friends.

I remember reading the verses where Jesus said: “Everyone who looks lustfully at a woman has committed adultery with her in his heart.” I knew I had to change, had to start fighting my addiction to lust and pornography.

I started on the journey to purity, but it was slow going. Two steps forward, one step back. I prayed, went to praise and worship times, and had an accountability partner. I made progress but did not conquer the addiction.

The Catholic Key

I entered full communion in the Catholic Church.

Download the free checklist to conquer porn addiction

Now, I began to arm myself with the fullness of the means of salvation: the sacraments, novenas, communion of saints, sacramentals, devotions, adoration, the theology of the body, and the fullness of the truth.

I made faster progress, by God’s grace. Soon, I could feel the hope growing that I would conquer this vice and become self-mastered.

There was no one moment, no one secret trick, but as the months and years passed I no longer felt drawn to lust after women with pornography. I eventually met my wife and was able to share with her some of my journey.

I’m tempted almost everyday to lust in some way or other. But the difference is that the virtue of purity is now strong within me, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Out of the Dark

Over the years, many men have asked me privately about how they can overcome porn addiction. They are ashamed of it; it is harming their families, and they fear they cannot conquer it.

Lots of good resources exist to help Catholic men with this sin. But because most men don’t ever talk to each other about it, they don’t know about all the resources.

So I collected up all the resources, tools, weapons, and strategies that I and other Catholic men have used to gain victory and put them in a powerful video course.

I include in it a free, downloadable Conquer Porn Victory checklist.

This course is concise. I don’t mince words. You can complete the course in under an hour. I give you my own experience and the resources I and others have used.

Start now. Don’t give up. God is with you!


Head And Heart: A Practical Guide to Husband-Wife Complementarity

Emmaus Road has just published the debut title of Katie Warner: Head And Heart: Becoming Spiritual Leaders for Your Family, and I am happy to say that I can recommend the book wholeheartedly!

Husbands and wives are complementary, right? And equal in dignity.

But they’re not the same.

So how can a husband and wife lead their family in the way that God intended them to? That’s the central question that Warner answers in this practical book.

The title itself reveals the fundamental analogy: the husband is the head of the family, and the wife is the heart. Just as a person cannot survive without a head and a heart, a family cannot function to its ideal without the husband and wife fulfilling their custom-made roles within a family.

headWarner approaches the question of how this plays out in real life by examining family life from many different angles and then interviewing faithful Catholic couples to understand how they have lived out those different facets of familial life together.

Warner augments these anecdotal insights with Scripture passages and magisterial writings from the Catechism, popes, and other authoritative sources.

I found the chapter on the need for a family mission statement to be the most powerful. We spend so much time in business coming up with our mission statement and then working to communicate that mission relentlessly to our employees, customers, and shareholders.

Yet, I had not made it a priority to come up with a mission for my own family. I read the great missions that the families she interviewed came up with, and then we made our own Rose family mission. It is a simple but important idea, and one that I wouldn’t have thought much of until reading this book.

Warner’s written an eminently practical book to help Catholic husbands and wives live out their vocations in their family life.