Podcast: Mercy Unwrapped on Conquering Porn

Conquering porn
Conquering porn

I’m happy to share with you I was interviewed by Kristine Franklin, aka the Catholic Grandma, on her Mercy Unwrapped show about conquering porn.

We discuss:

  • Damage that porn addiction does to single and married men
  • The challenge of convincing men that porn is wrong
  • Practical tips on conquering lust
  • The application of the Theology of the Body to growing in purity
  • And much more

Click below to listen!

You can also listen to the interview on overcoming porn addiction on sound cloud.

Catholics Should Vote Cruz or Rubio Over Trump

Catholics should not vote for Donald Trump, and here are the top two reasons why.

1. Trump Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About

Wrong on Planned Parenthood

In the debate a few nights ago, Trump spouted Planned Parenthood talking points, claiming they help millions of women with cancer screenings and that abortion is only 3% of their business.

In fact, both of those myths have been debunked. Abortion represents a large portion of their business, and only by counting an abortion as equal to handing out a condom do they come up with the 3% fiction.

Planned Parenthood doesn’t screen millions of women for breast cancer; they don’t do mammograms–not profitable to do so–but rather tell women to go the many county and community clinics to actually have the mammograms done.

Wrong on Health Insurance

In the debate he said he would break down barriers around states to get multiple insurance companies competing in each one.

Rubio and Cruz are better choices than Trump for Catholics
Rubio and Cruz are better choices than Trump for Catholics

Well, I live in Texas and in the past few years have had health insurance from: Cigna, United Healthcare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Aetna. They’ve already been competing for my medical insurance business, and guess what? They all stink in one way or another.

Simply thinking that having multiple insurance companies competing in a state (or across states) won’t stop the insane costs from continuing to rise every year.

The health insurance problem is much more difficult than he is aware of, and he offers a non-solution to the problem.

Clueless on Two Things, Clueless on Many More

If he’s clueless on these previous two issues, you can bet he is clueless on many more. And ignorance on important issues, such as he displays, is dangerous when that person is the President.

2. Trump Is a Hypocritical Fraud


He says he’s pro-life, but was quite recently pro-choice, including saying partial-birth abortions were okay.

Has he had a conversion? No. It is obviously a sham so he can appeal to Republican, especially Evangelical and socially conservative voters. His cluelessness on this issue makes his pro-life hypocrisy clear.


He doesn’t know how to pronounce 2 Corinthians. (Yes I’m aware that in some places or parts of the world people say “two Corinthians”, but Trump doesn’t fit into any of those niches.)

He tries to put money on the communion plate as it’s being passed around.

He answers a question from an Evangelical during an interview by saying that he doesn’t ask God for forgiveness.

He has bragged about his sexual conquests over many women and openly objectified them.

He doesn’t know the first thing about what it means to follow Christ, yet he hypocritically takes the “Christian” label.

Vote Cruz/Rubio Over Trump

A bad tree can’t produce good fruit.

Trump is a bad tree: bad roots, bad principles, and would produce bad fruit if elected President.

Business acumen will not make America great again, not when we are morally rotting at our core. A child could punch holes through his paper thin “solutions” to everything from immigration to healthcare.

Trump has shown himself to have the flimsiest of understanding on important issues. He shoots from the hip and misses completely.

Catholics must use their reason and inform themselves of the Church’s teachings when voting. Emotion alone is not sufficient, and can lead one astray. I understand the disgust with politicians, Republicans, Democrats, and the way our country has been going for decades, but a bombastic blowhard is not the solution.

Cruz or Rubio are much better alternatives. Yes they are more “establishment”–I don’t care how they are labeled–they at least each have some sane grounding in principles, morals, and reality.

Cruz and Rubio take their Christian faith seriously, unlike Trump. They have political experience and acumen, unlike Trump. They understand issues to a much deeper level, unlike Trump. Cruz and Rubio are more morally upright than Trump. Neither has been on Howard Stern, unlike Trump who gloried with the shock-jock in his lustful sins.

The Evangelical Exodus: Protestant Seminarians Become Catholic

A powerful new convert stories book is out from Ignatius Press, and you need to pick it up. Evangelical Exodus: Evangelical Seminarians and Their Paths to Rome recounts the stories of nine converts to Catholicism.

Evangelical Exodus Begins

But these converts aren’t just run-of-the-mill Joes like I was.

They were all:

  • Protestant seminarians
  • From the same seminary: Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES)
  • Who learned from a prominent Protestant scholar, Norman Geisler

And who all decided to become Catholic, not in spite of their Protestant schooling there, but in many ways because of it!

Evangelical Exodus bookMy good friend Doug Beaumont is the editor of the book and himself one of the converts. He and I first corresponded online many years ago. I knew right away that he was a deep thinker and a Protestant who was open to finding the fullness of the truth, wherever the search led.

After long years of reading, studying, and praying, he entered full communion with the Catholic Church. And so did many of his former peers at SES.

More Than a (Conversion) Feeling

These converts were all getting graduate degrees from SES. Many now have doctorates from well known institutions.

In Evangelical Exodus they each describe their own journey from Protestantism to Catholicism through study of the Church Fathers, St. Thomas Aquinas, philosophy and theology.

These men were committed Evangelical Protestants who believed in sola Scriptura, sola fide, an the Protestant canon of Scripture. They were not to be moved toward Catholicism by shallow arguments or evidence. Rather, as they demonstrate, they pierced into the depths of the reasons supporting the Faith and discovered that Christ’s Church was there waiting for them.

Doug Beaumont writes:

During my time at SES I had been told that we were learning to defend the “historic Christian faith.” But as I enlarged my studies, I began to realize that many of SES’ distinctive teachings could not be counted as historic in the implied sense.

Much of SES’ doctrinal statement (to which students and faculty were held) contained a mix of Reformation theology, Anabaptist doctrines, and even late nineteenth-century beliefs.

True or false, these did not seem legitimately to constitute the historic Christian faith.

Commendably, SES directed its students to study Aquinas and the Church Fathers. Most Protestant seminaries don’t dare do that, or do so in a tightly curated fashion.

But ironically such study had the opposite effect: the students came to see that their seminary wasn’t teaching what the Fathers taught!

For Better and For Worse

Becoming Catholic was not easy for these men. And since becoming Catholic some have had very challenging times. They had invested years of their lives into becoming Protestant teachers, pastors, and scholars, only to leave Protestantism.

I am so glad that they have told their stories in this volume. They lay out clearly, succinctly, and in a heart-felt manner the way that God led them to Catholicism. None expected it nor sought it.

Do yourself a favor and get Evangelical Exodus today.